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Warping of The Walls by Water Damage in Atlanta

When excessive moisture in the air directly affects the walls and causes them to become disfigured, curved or flexed, it is called wall warping. When you notice warping in your walls, it is an early sign that there is water contact inside your home that should not be there. It is also a sign that indicates water damage inside your area.

There are a few common factors that can cause warping to your drywall. We will discuss these reasons below:


Common Reasons Behind Warping of The Walls

There are 3 common reasons why you could be seeing warping in your walls.

  • Excessive Moisture: As mentioned earlier, extra moisture is never good for your walls. Especially if these walls are made of wood, the amount of damage will be much higher. Woods absorb any kind of water and moisture is no exception to that. By absorbing this moisture, they start swelling and getting warped.
  • Flooding: If flood water has been stuck and in contact with your walls for a long period of time, this can also cause warps in your woods.
  • Poor Installation: Installing your walls properly is very important especially if you want to prevent incidents like warping and other types of water damage issues. Poor installation causes water to get stuck in walls and cause warping.

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