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Mold Damage from Leak in Atlanta, Georgia

A plumbing leak in any area of a house, place of business, or other building will make things worse because mold can spread even faster within 48 hours in the presence of moisture. Any surface, including the ceiling, floor, and the wall is damaged when mold spreads as a result of a plumbing or water leak. Mold can also cause damage to the structural integrity of your building.

So, getting mold removal from qualified professionals is essential to preventing mold damage to your property's structure and possessions. That is where RestorePro Restoration enters into the picture. We provide the best mold remediation services for the people of Atlanta, Decatur, Marietta, Woodstock, Sandy Springs, and surrounding areas in Georgia.

Our IICRC-certified technicians will do everything in their hands to properly remediate mold from your building. Call us at 678-324-3533 to book an appointment with us.

Signs That You Have A Water Leak in Your House


Some signs of water leakage in your house are given below:

Reduced pressure of water: Sediment buildup in pipes, water leaks, and broken valves are a few common causes of low pressure of water. Less water will flow via your pipes to where you require it when you have a leak of any kind. When no other fixtures are in use and you suddenly notice a drop in water pressure, there may be a leak in the system.

Sagging ceilings: A leaky pipe commonly results in sagging ceilings. Frequently, you will see a sagging ceiling combined with discoloration.

Mold growth: Wet surroundings are ideal for mold and mildew. Certain mold types have a short growth cycle of just 24 hours. Mold and mildew are prone to grow in a location that is always damp, and these conditions could indicate a water leak.

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At RestorePro Restoration, our technicians are trained to give you reliable mold remediation services. When you call us for obtaining our services, our restoration team will arrive at your location within 90 minutes.

We also offer plumbing leak damage restoration, shower and tub overflow cleanup, and water damage restoration services. Call us at 678-324-3533 or click here to obtain our services.