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Appliance Leak Cleanup Service in Atlanta

Appliances in a property that hold water should get routine maintenance service from a professional company. Without professional maintenance aging appliances are prone to leaks which will cause water damage to the property. An experienced cleanup and restoration company will be able to adequately provide cleanup service and might have the tools and skills to salvage your appliances.

At RestorePro Restoration we provide 24/7 emergency response for appliance leak cleanup service and you can reach our customer service team to book our  who are available on 24/7 live calls. We also represent you to insurance firms and provide confirmation of your insurance coverage within an hour. Call us at 678-324-3533. We offer our services in Milton, Roswell and several other service areas all across Atlanta. 


Appliances that are Prone to Leak

  • Washing machines: Washing machines handle gallons of water at high speed, as the appliance ages malfunction in the gasket, pump, hose or seal will result in a leak. 
  • Dishwashers: A cracked or bulged hose or using regular dishwasher that is not designed for washing machines will cause dishwashers to leak heavily.  
  • Refrigerators: Build up of too much moisture at the base of the refrigerator will cause a leak or clog around the drain line causing the refrigerator to leak on the floor. 
  • Hot water heaters: Due to the sheer capacity of water, hot water heaters hold and the constant pressure from high temperature, this appliance is vulnerable to either slow leaks or sudden burst. 
  • Water filtration systems: Water filters accumulate minerals and sediments which will cause clogs over time, without professional maintenance the clogs will cause leaks. 

Choose RestorePro Restoration for Gold Tier Appliance Leak Cleanup Service

At RestorePro Restoration we have a team of fully licensed and insured technicians and our company is certified to work with all major insurance companies. During an appliance leak emergency, choose us and we will arrive within ninety minutes or less. Reach us at our contact us page here