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Mold Testing Service in Atlanta

A clean and tidy home or workplace is unlikely to suffer from mold growth, as is commonly believed. The fact is, mold can be found in almost any home or workplace. People who live in mold-infested buildings often don't realize they have a health concern until it is too late. That's why mold testing is so critical. And RestorePro Restoration can help you in this crucial situation.

Though in most cases mold testing doesn't get the importance as people are unaware of its severity. We offer a professional mold testing service to make your home or office safer and damage-free. With the proper equipment and years of experience, our expert technicians do their best to meet the customer's satisfaction. So, don’t be late to call us at 678-324-3533 or contact us online.


Why Choose Us

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Within 90 minutes, restoration personnel will arrive at your location.
  • All major insurance providers are accepted.
  • Provide a thermal imaging scan and a free moisture inspection
  • Do not hire anyone unless they are certified and insured to do the work.
  • Provide FREE home inspections.
  • Help with all insurance claims

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Mold Testing: When Should You Do It?

  • if you notice a musty odor or if there is visible mold.
  • After a flood
  • Wet basements, attics, or other areas
  • Before buying or selling your home or office
  • If you have any roof or ceiling leaks in your house.
  • When you notice an allergic symptoms
  • Before mold remediation, mold testing is a must

Contact RestorePro Restoration for Professional Mold Testing Services

While conducting high-quality mold testing, our mold experts educate our customers. We will conduct testing to discover if there are high amounts of mold in the environment and what kinds of mold are present. For years, our IICRC-certified technicians have allowed us to set the industry standard for mold testing, mold inspection, and remediation services. To know more about our services call us at 678-324-3533 or contact us online if you live in Cartersville, Sandy Springs, and throughout Atlanta.