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Types of Residential Fires & Restoration in Atlanta & Alpharetta, GA

Fires can be extremely devastating, causing significant damage to property, infrastructure, and human lives. The extent of fire destruction depends on fire size, materials, emergency response time, and fire suppression ability. However, residential properties are subject to fire damage as a result of carelessness, electrical malfunction, faulty wiring, thunderstorms, cigarette smoking, and more.

Regardless of the cause of a fire in your home, RestorePro Restoration can help get things back to normal. We offer the most effective, efficient, and affordable residential fire damage restoration service in AlpharettaAtlantaCummingWoodstockRoswell, and other cities nearby. So whenever you need our help with residential fire damage restoration or any fire related issues, just dial 678-324-3533 or click here for more information.

Common Types of Residential Fire & Our Restoration Procedures

Residential fires can happen for many reasons, and their restoration process differs based on the type of fire. Residential fire types and RestorePro Restoration’s restoration procedures are as follows:

Kitchen Fires: Kitchen fires occur due to kitchen accidents, grease fires, or overheating. Our kitchen fire restoration includes cleaning and deodorizing surfaces, restoring cabinetry or countertops, and repairing or replacing appliances.

Electrical Fires: Faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and malfunctioning equipment can cause electrical fires. After an electrical fire, Our restoration service usually involves repairing or replacing damaged electrical equipment, rewiring, and assessing and correcting structural damage.

Bedroom or Living Room Fires: Heating devices, smoking materials, and candles can cause bedroom and living room fires. Here, our restoration service includes smoke & soot removal, cleaning & deodorizing furniture or upholstery, and restoring damaged floors, carpets, walls, or ceilings.

Structural Fires: Structural fires can spread throughout a home. Electrical failures, gas leaks, and arson can cause them. Our structural fire restoration includes structural restoration, roof repairs or replacement, rebuilding damaged portions, smoke & odor removal, and overall reconstruction.

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Our IICRRC-certified crews always focus on complete client satisfaction. You can rest easy knowing that we can handle all types of residential fires. We can also help you with smoke & soot damage restoration, duct system smoke removal, fire damage insurance claim, and more. So dial 678-324-3533 or click here to arrange a consultation.